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67385Re: Surplus in the government

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  • Alajuelanorth
    Jan 31, 2008
      Absolutely! We are seeing the effects in many ways . . . I am
      guessing one of the bigger elements is the new tax collection system .
      . . I do not know how much the govt is able to take advantage of it
      but they are finally matching up one companies payments with another
      companies tax returns. This on it's own will swell the coffers. I
      also suspect there is a lot more transparency in a number of places as
      more data becomes accessible. Likely as not this will have a natural
      increase in honesty in high places too with no retributions required
      and a future increase in confidence in government that has been lacking.

      The money is not just being collected but spent in some appropriate
      places (even a road to the coast - well soon?) . . now we have
      movements on the justice front too . . . locally we have more police
      activity and the other day 50 more judges are about to show up around
      the country . . . maybe some will work nights and maybe even weekends
      to bring the perps to justice.

      Even the municipality of Alajuela has assigned a warm body to a new
      but yet undefined recycling program . . . I'm not yet holding my
      breath on this cause each time we try to find them they are "on
      vacation". But things are changing AND there is an extraordinary
      government surplus . . . agreed Robbie, kudos to Don Oscar (do you
      think he reads CRL?), Berni
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