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67298Re: Go-karts around San Jose?

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  • dan.chaput
    Jan 29, 2008
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      Paul, there is an indoor and outdoor track.

      The indoor track is very close to the airport simply called "IK" for
      indoor karting. It is in the group of industrial buildings
      called "SARET". on the freeway heading towards the airport, but about
      1 km before. As you are heading towards the airport from SJ it is on
      the left hand side, so you have to pass it, and turn around. It has
      a kart on a pole outside so you can identify it. the karts are just
      5hp. the cost is something like $5 for 10 laps.

      There is also a race track in la guacima where you can rent more
      powerful karts and race on a car track. There are 8hp to 45+hp karts
      that sometimes the owners will allow you to rent for the day. You
      cant just show up, youll have to find somone who owns a kart who will
      agree to let you use it. The top end karts can be expensive to rent
      (around $200 including mechanic and gas all day). I have a shifter
      kart (45 hp, 6-speed, 0-60 in 3.5 sec), but you would have to be very
      close to my size to fit in it.

      I know some folks that may be able to help rent other types as well.

      E-mail me if you would like more details.

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