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66408Re: INS insurance agent

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  • Alajuelanorth
    Jan 12, 2008
      Fraluchi is essentially saying try to work with someone who lives near
      you as long as they dont look like rotten fruit . . .

      I gotta add a vote to that sage advice from the sage . . . you WILL
      have a claim one day and it is always good to have someone local who
      understands the territory, who can be there when you need them etc etc.

      In a moment of supreme gringo stupidity, I actually backed into
      another vehicle OUTSIDE my agents office one day . . . the other
      vehicle was ALSO covered by our local agent . . . so we all became
      quick friends and our agent suggested that $200 and a side letter
      would save him a great deal of paperwork . . . we were done in under
      an hour . . . that's local service! . . . Berni
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