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65993Re: Martinair Ending Service MCO > SJO

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  • jerry
    Jan 2, 2008
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      --- In CostaRicaLiving@yahoogroups.com, "thefountainsguesthouseescazu"
      <TheFountainsGuesthouseEscazu@...> wrote:
      > FYI - 98% of the NUMEROUS people I have known that have taken American
      > Air from MIAMI to SJO in the past few months have been delayed 1 to 3

      I hasten to alter your statistics as I have flown American 5 times in
      the past few months and consistently for the past 7 years. Yes, there
      have been some delays... especially on the 8:00PM flight from Miami.
      This is frequently because of other flight delays on American or on
      other airlines throughout the world and the late flight gets the brunt
      of it... If this was a major objection, I would take an earlier
      flight. As a rule, American is on time as or delayed as much as any
      other air line, based upon my past experience. To imply otherwise is
      unfair and untrue.

      As for diversions to Panama, in my 25 years of flying to CR, I have
      been diverted to Panama one time due to fog in SJO last November. As
      my home is two miles from the airport, I called my wife to verify that
      the ground fog was in fact "real." We had a two hour circular tour of
      Puntarenas waiting for the fog to lift before diverting. As we landed
      in Panama, the Captain came on the speaker and said not to deplane as
      he had just been told that the fog had cleared and that we would refuel
      and go to SJO. We did and arrived at 12:30AM with a planned arrival
      of 9:00PM....

      Unlike Spirit which seems to have luggage problems, I have never had a
      piece of luggage lost that was checked in MIA for SJO.

      American is not perfect, but their planes are clean, well maintained,
      and pretty reliable...

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