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6541Re: [CostaRicaLiving] Re: RACSA problems

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  • numatico@racsa.co.cr
    Nov 1 6:56 AM
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      De: lencho999@...
      Fecha: Miercoles, Octubre 31, 2001 10:00 pm
      Asunto: [CostaRicaLiving] Re: RACSA problems

      > Hey Everyone,
      > <snip> I work on-line and a
      > reliable connection for 4 hours every weekday morning is a
      > neccesity. I've heard that there is some "downtime" involved with
      > Racsa, both dial-up and Amnet cable. How frequent is this?

      It's gotten better. Currently, I have dialup problems only about once a
      month. My direct satellite connection (bypass RACSA entirely) was down
      less (maybe once every two months, or when it was raining very hard)
      but was too expensive ($500/mo).

      > Is it
      > possible to have both cable and dial-up as a back-up? (silly
      > question in the US, but,hey, this is not the US).

      Cable connections are still RACSA connections, so if RACSA is down
      they're down too. Of course, it could be a problem at the cable
      company, but this hasn't been the case for friends of mine who have

      > Also, when
      > the "new internet line" was publicized last year, a mention was made
      > to the idea that it was only available in homes, not apartments.
      > This was referring to some new line that was being laid under the
      > ocean. I don't know what's the story with all that.

      Hadn't heard that. The new fiber optic line (Maya cable) is operational
      and has greatly increased the bandwidth available here.

      I'm trading for four hours in the morning also, and aboslutely MUST
      have a connection during trading hours. For my backup system, I have
      made friends with a company that has a direct connection to the
      backbone here. I've only had to do this once, but it is comforting to
      know that I can pack my laptop and drive for twenty minutes to secure a
      connection. There are quite a few such companies here, and you could
      probably make a similar arrangement.

      One learns to be creative and get around the system when one has to
      live here!


      Willy Smith
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