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  • ardeepee@att.net
    Oct 31 1:36 PM
      hello to all,
      my husband and i are long time readers of but have
      written seldom. we live on the beautiful but cold and
      rainy coast of oregon.for the past several years we've
      spent time every year in costa rica. last year we spent
      a month at the little house halfway down richard and
      sharon's driveway(no car...boy did i have great legs at
      the end of the month),and the year before on damas
      island near quepos.we're going to be in c.r. again for
      the month of february,and we're looking for a
      house,small,furnished,equipped(cheap)to rent,preferably
      someplace we haven't been for a while.we'd love to be
      near water,and have thought about the atlantic coast.
      rental agents don't seem to be very interested in a 1
      mos. relatively inexpensive deal,& besides i'd much
      rather have a recomendation from a list member. if
      anyone has or knows of a good place(sharon & richard's
      was perfect for us)i'd love to hear from you.
      thank you to c.r.living for helping keep us warm
      during the long,cold winters here.
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