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64536Re: 'Thai' eats in Escazu

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  • jerry
    Dec 1, 2007
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      I tried that restaurant and on a scale of one to ten for Thai or Thai
      tasting food, I would rate it a 1-. The Pad Thai, Farang food, was
      horrible and tasteless. I asked for Thai hot, and they used Tabasco
      for seasoning... Thank God they only serve a small portion as I
      could not eat much of that stuff... They advertise a THAI KITCHEN.
      Maybe they imported the stove from Thailand, but they certainly
      forgot the chef.

      The service was equal to the quality of the food as was the pricing..
      Very high for very little...

      I never ordered traditionally Thai food, because you could not get
      traditionally Thai seasonings on most pork dishes. Selection rating

      It is obviously not Thai owned, Thai served, Thai operated, nor does
      it have a Thai chef. I would guess that the management either has
      never eaten Thai food or in a good Thai restaurant or they would
      understand that this restaurant has very POOR quality, economy,
      service and selection.

      They need to employ some Thai management to straighten it out.

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