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64522Re: Santa's Workshop Fair Directions

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  • theedgeclinger
    Dec 1, 2007
      Someone sent me these directions to the fair. They're a little
      confusing for me because I am getting there from a different direction.
      Hope that they are helpful to you.

      When you get off the pista in Cariari at the bridge, turn left and go
      over the bridge (the mall will be on your right). Stay in the left
      lane. At the first light past the bridge, turn left again. There
      will be a big Amanco company on your right on the corner. Follow the
      street down and it kinda deadends into a left turn. Follow the turn
      to the left (like you have a choice) and there will be a field on your
      right. At the very first
      street - you can only turn right. There will be an empty police
      station at the street entrance and you will see a sign that says
      "Bosque de Dona Rosa". Go down the street (it is a divided street) a
      short ways (watch out for the speed bump) and then turn right at the
      very first street. You will see a small sign that says American
      International School and the school is at the end of that street with
      parking in the back. (if you hit the gate guarded community - you went
      too far).
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