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64518Finding info on moving to Costa Rica

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  • grier4
    Nov 30, 2007
      I am new to this group. I am in the priliminary steps of moving to CR
      or Panama. Iam looking for any pertinent info re places to live,
      considerations, things anyone like me should thinkabout. My real
      question, being brand new to chat rooms - how do I find what I am
      loking for? I've tried typing in a few seaches without success. then
      I started previewing all the entries from day one. I've goten to 150
      without getting any useful information. With over 40,000 entries this
      doesn't seem like the best aproach.

      Also how do I find the question (or the first in the thread) that
      people are responding to?

      For staters: I'm interested in feedback to help me decide between CR
      & Pan. I love CR & understand that Pam is less expensive to settle
      in. I want to settle in a native inviroment, ie a Tico house &
      neighborhood. Not to far from the cities (I'm 64) and I like rural.
      More the mountains then the coast.

      I've been to CR twice for brief visits & Pan once for a couple
      days "to feel out the area". I'm planning on coming down to CR and/or
      Panama in the spring & hopefully rent for a couple of months. I am
      wide open for locations.

      I am also thinking about driving to Costa rica from the US. I would
      be traveling alone (64 year old female) with my German Shepherd dog,

      I look forward to getting in touch with people who can point me in
      the right direction.
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