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628Re: [CostaRicaLiving] GOODBYE EVERYONE

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  • Stan & Linda Rolinski
    May 1, 2000
      Hi Sharon! HAAAAA! Yeah, PATAGONIA of all places! Like Chile or the
      Argentine. I also have a small motorscooter for sale. I forget to
      mention. I forgot to mention a lot of stuff, but I'll get around to it, so
      if there's anything specific anyone wants, ask & I'll say if we have it or
      not. Bicycles...no, but we also wanna sell our airplane.

      Thanks, Chuck, for your kind words, and again for all your help. You're
      the one who's really been running this list anyway, especially for the last
      few weeks, and thank you for that too!

      Susan, I didn't know Emma moved to California!!! Where did she move to? I
      miss CA. AZ is our 2nd choice!


      Linda R
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