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  • Stan & Linda Rolinski
    May 1, 2000
      HI! I wanted to let everyone know that we've sold our house and are moving
      from Costa Rica to Patagonia, Arizona, a small town about an hour south of
      Tucson. I want to thank everyone on this list for making it such a success.

      The new "owner/moderator" of this list is Chuck Leake. He was instrumental
      in helping me start this list and it began as a success from the start
      largely thanks to him and his advice to me, which I've always gratefully
      followed. Thanks for everything Chuck, and good luck to you!

      I'll be on from time to time especially with my FOR SALE list for now, and
      I'll sign up again as a member when I get to the States. Stan is leaving
      May 25th and Alex & I will follow when school get's out sometime after June

      For those who want to attend our goodbye-party/jam session, I'll keep you
      informed of when & where. And I still plan on sending that picture of the
      scam artist, as soon as I get it from my friend, to those who wanted that

      I want to especially thank Roy Lent, Haymo and Alfred for their WONDERFUL
      contributions to this list and beg that they keep up the 'good work'. I
      don't want to miss any of it, so what I do miss, I'll read in the archives
      when I get to the States. Thanks also to Dianne & all who's names escape
      me just now for their contributions also.

      Thanks to everyone for your help and kindness and friendship. I'll never

      LOVE TO ALL,

      Linda Rolinski
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