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61270RE: [CostaRicaLiving] Re: In search of a holistic skin doctor

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  • jeanoh
    Sep 30, 2007
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      Barry Stevens [barrystevens@...]

      . The collective experience has been that some
      symptoms have been made to "disappear" by simply getting the body back
      into functioning shape.After the first step, if the symptome still persist,
      he then goes to
      work on the specific issue.
      I'm not a doctor, but watching this process, one thing is striking -
      many conditions are cured by that first step - getting the body's
      organs back in working condition.

      Good morning Barry

      Thank you for writing that piece. We have experienced the very same thing
      with a homeopathic

      Doctor who uses the eyes to do the exam. I went to see her about my weight
      and some other things.

      She takes about 45 min. for the exam including many questions.

      And then prepared 2 months of homeopathic medicine and sent me on my way.

      The 2 things that I had not spoken to her about were my allergies,

      that I have had since I was a kid, my mom had them very bad she went around
      with a hanky's,

      and a box of Kleenex. I thought it was hereditary and that is the way it
      was going to be. The other

      problem I had since I was 20 was my right foot, and ankle, it was broken
      very severely,

      then some guy put buck shot into it, then was stepped on by a very BIG

      and several motorcycle racing accidents, and last but not least was frost

      to where they wanted to cut the toes off. All on the same foot. It bothered
      me a lot, almost

      all the time, but the real problem was that I could never trust it like
      water skiing, or hiking,

      fishing or hunting in the mountains or rocky irregular terrain.

      Also packing 100 + pounds of moose meat in the Tundra.

      I can't tell you how much medicine I took, good old Crown and aspirins..

      After about 2 weeks I got up one morning and didn't have to blow my nose.

      For 8 years I have not had allergies. About 3 weeks later I had a chance to

      look at a farm and the horses were not in good shape so I decided to walk
      and that

      is when I noticed that the bad foot was fixed. And now I think even better
      than the other.

      Jeano in downtown Abuella

      missing the Crown, but the 12 year Flor de Cana is a great substitute

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