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61244Re: In search of a holistic skin doctor

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  • Barry Stevens
    Sep 30, 2007
      --- In CostaRicaLiving@yahoogroups.com, jeanoh <jeanoh@...> wrote:
      >...a natural skin doctor...

      > ...Jeanoh
      > Some times the problem doesn't make the obvious sign,

      When Don Candido, the Bribri curandero, treats virtually anything, his
      first step is to use an extremely sophisticated form of accupressure
      to learn which of the body's organs are functioning OK, and which are
      not. When he finds some that need "attention", he prepares natural
      concoctions which are generally to be taken a little at a time over a
      one or two-month period. They cleanse the liver, or the kidneys, or
      the spleen, etc.

      We've brought numerous patients to him, and have gone through the
      process ourselves. The collective experience has been that some
      symptoms have been made to "disappear" by simply getting the body back
      into functioning shape.

      After the first step, if the symptome still persist, he then goes to
      work on the specific issue.

      We've brought numerous patients to him, and have seen terminal cancers
      cured (cancer gone), diabetes cured (normal blood chemistry),
      hepatitis cured (not detectable), and much more.

      I'm not a doctor, but watching this process, one thing is striking -
      many conditions are cured by that first step - getting the body's
      organs back in working condition.

      Barry Stevens
      Co-Founder, El Puente - The Bridge
      The Bridge provides educational assistance, food assistance, and
      microloans mainly to indigenous people in the southeastern part of
      Costa Rica. Our goal is to help people help themselves to self-
      See us at http://www.elpuente-thebridge.org
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