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54562Re: Eco-Tourism question

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  • sarah_joy_staude
    May 2, 2007
      --- In CostaRicaLiving@yahoogroups.com, "PAUL GEHL" <pgstocks@wrote:
      >Eco organizations could issue the permits to use eco or green labels in
      >CR. ...CR could even tax those that apply and then don't make the grade
      >or fall off the wagon until compliance is met.

      Funny you should make this suggestion... this has already been
      attempted two or more times...

      One try was by the ICT board:
      We've found the information to be out of date and written in a
      confusing manner - overall the rating system is abysmal and hard to
      follow - just because a hotel is listed doesn't mean it receives even
      a passing grade. It's obviously a survey that the management of the
      hotel just fills out... and how honest is it going to be on average,
      do you think? Additionally, the people going to the sites to review
      are on the ICE technical team... seriously, what do they know about
      rating ecological hotels?

      There was another ecological rating program several years ago (before
      I first visited in 2003):
      Turtle Rating Program - Hotels would have had been awarded between 1
      and 5 turtle icons (or maybe it was 1-10 turtle icons) depending on
      the level of ecologically-friendly-ness. The rumor I heard was that
      big resort hotels "killed" that idea since they wouldn't even have
      qualified for the program.

      Anyone who has more in-depth perspective on these two programs... I'd
      love to hear them!
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