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    May 2, 2007

      I believe I really don't have the right to tell you what to do or not do. Just as I believe you don't have the right to tell hotel owners what to build or how to build it. What I was suggesting was that if you wish hotels to be built a certain way then it would be your responsibility to build one that way.

      I did not question your integrity. You and I are discussing a subject the fact that we don't agree doesn't question either of our characters or integrity. I hear you do good work. I applaud what you mentioned. Thanks for a job well done. A discussion on issues need not become personal. It is a discussion and was the major form of social recreation until somewhere in the 1970s. I still like to do it but very few people can nowadays as they very quickly get into personal attack and all the fun is gone.

      Henry, I think my idea of Eco-permits for CR is a great idea. Why should some one like you vs others that have done little be painted with the same brush. Suzuki, Greenpeace, and others Eco organizations could issue the permits to use eco or green labels in CR. They get a small fee to handle the process and the it costs the CR government $0. CR could even tax those that apply and then don't make the grade or fall off the wagon until compliance is met. Then the fakes could not benefit and flying to CR would be green or not green.


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