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  • Larry Rusin
    May 1, 2007

      The eco label that is tagged onto various businesses or other enterprises is simply a come on to sell to like minded people who believe in the same phenomenon. There are millions of them. The market is large. They have had over thirty years to sell their stories. If the buyer believes they are doing a good deed by going to a place that is offering earth friendly habitations or non-polluting, eco-friendly stays, etc. means nothing in reality except, those who are using the term are selling their goods or services to like minded people. It’s a clique’. I agree with what someone said about the “Green” movement being akin to a religion. I have been saying that for thirty or more years. It is replete with their “High Priests”, scientists that are mouthing the party line and those poor souls who don’t seem to have a mind of their own or an original thought.

      How anyone could possibly believe a group of scientists could gather enough information together, feed it into a computer and come up with anything accurate about the weather is living somewhere between the Twightlight Zone and the Outer Limits? That isn’t close to anything I would consider reality. Modern Day weather people can’t even get the weather right from week to week much less make predictions about what is suppose to inform mankind what the weather is going to be like in a month much less 100 years or longer in to the future.

      It all comes down to marketing. When someone comes up with a marketing gimmick that sells and environmentalism does sell to the people who believe in it. With that concept in mind, millions begin to buy into that particular belief, and it makes them feel good about it once they do, you have a marketing scheme that is a winner. Environmentalism is a suave marketing devise that has captured the imagination of those who obviously have too much money, or time on their hands and are possibly feeling guilty about it and are non-compos mentis. It is too bad that the duped cannot see what has happened to them.

      Let’s see, here are some of the songs being sung today: The ice caps are going to melt. The earth is being poisoned. There are too many people being born and the earth cannot support them all. Too many trees are being cut down and the earth and of course the species inhabiting it are all going to die. The bees are all dying and what will we all do when there are no more plants being pollinated? It goes on and on and it is pathetic.

      It reminds me of the late Carl Sagan telling us about nuclear war. First there was to be a nuclear winter and nothing was going to grow so man was going to starve. Let’s not forget about the firestorms that was going to incinerate us all. Then the weather would turn so cold that we were all going to freeze to death. I wondered then and still do, how many times are we going to die?

      First of all, we live in a modern era, it is one of the greatest times to ever be living on this earth. We have miracles of science at our disposal in every corner of life. There are miraculous food growing processes, there is more food being grown on less land than at any other time in the history of the earth as recorded by someone at some stage in the development of civilization. We have the benefits of modern medicine and drugs to cure many sicknesses and diseases that at one time went through mankind like a sickle through the wheat fields. Polio and Small Pox has been eradicated. Seldom do you hear about the Black Plague cutting down more than a few hunters in Tehachapi, California. Education, sanitation, modern conveniences such as TV and telephones and the list is endless of the miracles at modern man’s disposal, and yet, there are the spoiled sports who want to scare everyone into believe the sky is falling. The clever ones are those who are making huge bucks off
      the environmental scams. Al Gore is one of them. He is making so much money that it dwarfs the economy of some countries and it’s all a scam. This is from a man who was selling overnight stays in the American White House for $100,000 a night.

      People live much longer today than they did a hundred years ago. On average people lived to be fifty five. Today it is not uncommon for people to live into their late seventies and some into their eighties. There is also the fact that people are growing taller and healthier than they were a hundred years ago. If the planet was so bad off, poisoned, and unhealthy as some would have all of us believe, why then is the phenomenon of bigger and healthier people happening to the generations that are coming along? It is happening because of modern science not the latest eco-religions sprouting up all over the world.

      I like the way you think and speak Alec. I for one can’t abide by unproven science especially when it should be obvious that there are people making so much money off the concept and that there is one and only one reason to continue selling their religion, big bucks, the more believers the more contributions. The more contributions, the more money available for Wall Street Advertising firms to sell more of the untruths and outright unproven, so called facts. When you have people who declare themselves to be Naturalists and they are telling you that the sky is falling, I’d be dubious about buying into their religion or their doom and gloom stories or believing anything they say about anything at all.

      There are those who scream about it, they come up with statistics but never offer any proof that can be verified. I say offer source, chapter, paragraph. Proof is tough to show when it is so much easier to just say things like “The Earth is Poisoned.” Who says so? What proof do they have to throw on the table to back up their claims? Just because some person wrote a book about it doesn’t make it so. These so called scientists who are offering proof about Global Warming are having their proof or their findings refuted by other scientists. Many of the refuters are renowned in their fields. In my humble opinion, the weather phenomenon and the environmental movement is all about money and always was. It is all about the new religion and the followers that follow like the Lemmings and don’t know where they are going until they are falling off a cliff.


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