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54517Re: Eco-Tourism question

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  • henry kantrowitz
    May 1, 2007
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      one of the things i was hearing is that eco-friendly lodges are not economically viable. i know of a number of econmically viable, eco-friendly, sustainable lodges here in costa rica. i have personally worked as the resident interpretive naturalist in two extremely successfult eco-lodges. i guess paul and alec, with their sarcasm, don't understand sustainable develpement and travel. i have never professed a lodge should require what paul considers eco-friendly. with his thinking it is all or nothing. as for alec, it is feasable to have environmentally friendly destinations around the world. thinking that flying to a distination is hypocritical is being very narrow sighted and not looking at the bigger picture. what you are flying to, and what you are going to do, when you arrive, is what has the most impact. it seems alec thinks eco-friendly is all or nothing and that is not the case.

      paul said i should open my own lodge and shed my own blood, sweat, tears and money. i don't have the money to build an eco-friendly lodge, nor is that my goal or want in life. nor do i want to shed my own blood, sweat, tears and money for something i don't have an interest in. i prefer to work at eco-lodges where i can educate guests about the the rainforest and show them what they can do to help sustain the environment of the rainforest.

      paul in some ways seems to question my integrity regarding my way of thinking. i am a conservationist and environmentalist, oh and by the way a human being from the planet earth. as for our own style of living, i do practice what i preach. we live on five hectarias. i have planted over 400 trees native to our zone, several hundred plants for the local wildlife. the over used condition of our land is now regenerating to a much more natural state. we live in a 610 sq. ft. house we built. we are basically vegetarians and recycle everything we can. i have done a release progect of iguanas in our area and set up a breeding sight for them. almost all of the iguanas around here were eaten in the past. the gov't. agency minae, brings us any wildlife that they come across that needs rehabilitation, which we do when we can. in the future i am going to open up a nursery selling native trees for our area. we have enough money to live on and are much happier than my
      wealthier friends back in the u.s. so please don't tell me what i should or shouldn't do. i just don't talk it, i live it. the only blood, sweat and tears i will get, is from listening to the rock group. which is something an environmentalist can do.

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