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54511Re: Eco-Tourism question

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  • pregnantstocks
    May 1, 2007
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      Sorry about the last post my computer mashed it. here's another try


      It would seem that some sort of voluntary permit should be in order for your personal life so
      that people don't
      have to speculate on travel or cars to buy and what is green and what is not. Huge
      restrictions are being debated for countries, companies, and people.
      The best way to lead is from the front. If the Eco minded crowd got their approved permits
      from those
      seeking the legislation it would be an example on how easy it is to be green should
      legislation pass.
      If you can live and thrive under those restrictions we all may come around. Data could be
      kept on the success and costs. It would seem reasonable that all those who are trying to be
      green get confirmation prior to the rest of us having to live that way.

      I would be happy to debate David Suzuki's papers with you line by line and you may have a
      different opinion when we are done.

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