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  • Paul Gehl
    May 1, 2007

      It would seem that some sort of voluntary permit should be in order for your
      personal life so that people donĀ¹t
      have to speculate on travel or cars to buy and what is green and what is
      not. Huge restrictions are being debated for countries, companies, and
      > term 'eco' with people's being encouraged to fly to and tour or hang
      > out at 'eco' places in Costa Rica, incurring the related carbon and
      > other emissions..."
      > Your question is much too broad. Some folks in the eco-tourism
      > industry don't think about it the hypocrisy, others do gnash their
      > teeth.
      > If I can answer another question, we feel that travelling through
      > Central America with our children, although environmentally
      > unfriendly because we took an airplane, went a long way to exposing
      > them to a first hand look at things like poverty, pollution,
      > conservation and thousands of other things too numerous to mention.
      > But their education on those matters is now unsurpassed. Maybe an
      > enlightened, educated child is exactly what the planet needs right
      > now.
      > And one more thing. Every Canadian knows who David Suzuki is. Are
      > you Canadian Alec? If you're not and you don't know who he is,
      > please google him. I rely on well-respected scientists like him who
      > have dedicated their lives to providing me with well-studied
      > information on the environment instead of thinking about global
      > warming as a belief. One person cannot know everything about
      > everything. But I will sit up and listen to world class scientists
      > all over the world who are warning us and who have been warning us
      > for years that we need to reduce our greenhouse gases.
      > Kind regards,
      > Janet

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