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54498Re: Eco-Tourism question

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  • alec kitson
    May 1, 2007

      I replied to you offline and you're right, your provider and mine do not like to talk to each other! I got this back from your guys

      "We do not accept email from this domain due to prior Email abuse",

      ...presumably referring to Sympatico which is a Bell service and is Canada's largest provider. 2+ million subscribers in this province alone or so their blurb says.

      Here's what I sent you. Alec



      I only use the Sympatico address.

      Sympatico is probably the biggest provider in Canada - it's Bell. I dunno why you can't reach it but I don't know much about either computers or how the whole internet thingy works. Others sure aren't having a problem, I have a busy inbox on the subject since raising this topic...

      Try again maybe? Heck, if all else fails you might have to post on CRL!



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