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54497Re: Eco-Tourism question

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  • alec kitson
    May 1, 2007
      Nice reply, Janet.

      I think it's great that you have the means to travel with your family and that you do. Me too. It's all the educational things you list. And I don't think it's very damaging to the 'environment'. But David Suzuki does. Yep, I'm Canadian, before that a Brit, and have been a Canadian long enough to remember Suzuki when he was sane.

      (OK, kidding).

      You do seem to embody and cheerfully admit to some of the contradictions guys like me see in many self-described environmentalists and indeed in some of the 'eco-tourism' world. The paradox of apparently believing the Suzuki and Gore line, bigtime jet-setters both though they are, that goes something like 'man-made carbon emissions are dooming the planet', then somehow exempting oneself at least in part from the associated mantra of avoiding emitting carbon as much as possible. You and Henry both seem accept the inevitability of jet travel and the right to it, as I do - do you think 'our' carbon is somehow different from the soccer mom's, hauling kids in her Ford or Chevy or whatever, or Bubba's as he heads to NASCAR in his dualie? I don't think the planet does, do you? Luckily for me, I don't think it matters much.

      Heck, it's easy for me and those of like mind who don't think there's a crisis, but as you imply, there's more than a little agonizing going on in eco-ranks and it's started to reach tourism and travel which is particularly important to CR. I suppose environmentalists could (they do, actually) ask whether staying local is really too much to pay in exchange for saving mankind blah, blah. Or they might ask whether it's OK if every other family on the planet jets and drives all over the globe as soon as they get rich enough to do so (that's happening too). Kinda tough to proscribe that which we do ourselves, isn't it? But that's a heck of a lot of contrails and tailpipe emissions coming down the pike for those who worry about same.

      Thanks for the reasoned response.

      Kind regards back,


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