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  • lostrin1994
    May 1, 2007
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      Many enviromentalists, myself included, drive cars and fly around the
      world. We do this because we have very little choice, other than to
      stay home, which is your argument for being a true eco-friendly
      resident of the planet earth.

      We left Canada in August 2005 with our 2 little girls and FLEW to CR
      to visit as many eco-tourism spots that we could because we felt that
      we were paying lip-service to the environmental movement by living
      our silly lives in Canada, recycling but driving 2 cars around.

      For close to 2 years we took buses or rode our bikes or walked and
      helped out on projects to preserve the endangered sea turtle or
      support places like Zoo Ave, which breeds endangered birds, among
      other things. Maybe at the end of it all, our environmental impact
      was neutral. Even though we were not driving cars, we did fly here
      and fly home.

      People like us think about the hypocrisy but we believe that we do
      what we can. We don't happen to believe that staying home is the

      You ask:

      > "How do those involved in the 'eco tourism' industry reconcile the
      term 'eco' with people's being encouraged to fly to and tour or hang
      out at 'eco' places in Costa Rica, incurring the related carbon and
      other emissions..."

      Your question is much too broad. Some folks in the eco-tourism
      industry don't think about it the hypocrisy, others do gnash their

      If I can answer another question, we feel that travelling through
      Central America with our children, although environmentally
      unfriendly because we took an airplane, went a long way to exposing
      them to a first hand look at things like poverty, pollution,
      conservation and thousands of other things too numerous to mention.
      But their education on those matters is now unsurpassed. Maybe an
      enlightened, educated child is exactly what the planet needs right

      And one more thing. Every Canadian knows who David Suzuki is. Are
      you Canadian Alec? If you're not and you don't know who he is,
      please google him. I rely on well-respected scientists like him who
      have dedicated their lives to providing me with well-studied
      information on the environment instead of thinking about global
      warming as a belief. One person cannot know everything about
      everything. But I will sit up and listen to world class scientists
      all over the world who are warning us and who have been warning us
      for years that we need to reduce our greenhouse gases.

      Kind regards,
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