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54479Short term apartment in San Jose/San Pedro area

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  • duh?
    May 1, 2007
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      Looking for a short term 2 bdr in the area of Barrio Dent, Los Yoses,
      San Pedro, Califorina or escalante. I will be there for a month in late
      july/August. I have frequented Costa Rica for many years and some trips
      up to my 90 day stay. I am venturing with a friend for language school
      and need an apartment with two bedrooms. I personally have stayed in
      many easy to find 1 bdrs. Looking for tow this time and it seems a
      little more difficult. Any email or web links are fine. Please respond
      with any info. I know the area well so I am sticking to it. Any thing
      in east San Pedro past the multi plaza is fine as well. Thanks in