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53433Recommendations for honeymooning couple

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  • jonana
    Apr 1, 2007
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      I'll admit a bias here but for honeymooners that are just arriving, the first 2-3 days (or last) should start at Vista Del Valle Plantation Inn. www.vistadelvalle.com
      Aside from the 12 acres of Botanical Gardens, there's the new Restaurant that is perched on the edge of the 500 foot cliff overlooking the Rio Grande Nature Preserve (1500 hects), that has Kinkajous (at night), Coatamundis, and a host of birds that come up to the feeders, and to entertain the guests.
      There's a great Pool and Jacuzzi, with a "Boca Bar". There's the Equestrian Center for horseback rides into the nearby plantations, and Nature Reserves with breathtaking vistas of the Central Valle and beyond. Not to forget the 53 acres with nature paths for Romantic walks, Birdwatching, and just some curious exploration.
      25 minutes away from the Airport yet it's a totally different world of Nature and Beauty (with a little bit of pampering included).
      Just my two bits of opinion,
      Johanna Bresnan

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