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53383Re: Recommendations for honeymooning couple

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  • Robbie
    Apr 1, 2007
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      All hotels over three stars generally offer some kind of honeymoon

      It all depends on what the couple want on a honeymoon! Manuel Antonio
      is a popular honeymoon site for folks who want to do a lot of
      activities. I am assuming that Guanacaste is the place for those who
      want to go to a lot of beaches...

      There are many secluded places in the far south, Drake's Bay and some
      hotels that are off on their own a bit.

      We would probably need to know what kind of travelers your friends are.
      Will they be looking for things to do or will they want to be alone
      far from the crowds?

      Also their budget determines a lot.

      If I wanted to be in a quiet uncrowded place I would go to somewhere
      like Villas Caletas, if I wanted to be around a lot of restaurants and
      activities I would go to Manuel Antonio. Makanda in Manuel Antonio is
      a lovely option, most rooms are more like beautiful little stylish
      houses, the place has it's own beach and the restaurant is good. SInce
      there are only about 8 or 9 rooms it feels very secluded and far away
      although it is only a few minutes from most activities in Manuel
      Antonio. It is also situated on about 13 acres, feels very private
      with so few guests. It is on the pricey side. There is also a new
      hotel in Manuel Antonio that is very pricey called Gaia, lovely spa,
      beautiful suites, 5 stars and 24 hour service, yet there are only 17
      rooms. It is VERY pricey. The restaurant is great and the spa is

      I haven't been to Guanacaste since I moved here over 7 years ago, so
      can't suggest much there. I live near Manuel Antonio and also own a
      hotel there so I know most of the hotels in this area.

      Good choice, right after Semana Santa! Ought to be able to be somewhat
      spontaneous and last minute!

      Best wishes,
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