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5316Re: earl grey, milk, paint, and the market thing

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  • cstrcstamyst@netscape.net
    Jul 28, 2001
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      Earl Grey you can get at Hypermas, Automercado in Multiplaza (they
      always have the best stock on Twinings) very consistently, then often
      you can find it at Automercado downtown, and Yohann's.

      That milk WAS fantastic - here's what i saw happened with that. This
      president sold off MANY agricultural contracts to foreign countries,
      including a BIG milk contract to Mexico, Borden in Mexico started
      supplying a lot of the stuff instead of the Costa Rican producers.
      That milk is only sold now in areas right around the dairy, northern
      region if I heard right. There was a couple of really outstanding
      cheeses too that went when the jobs went, a mozzerella that was
      perfect. mmm

      Paint! yes, i've had that experience with art supplies here - paper!

      This has been my experience with the market thing - up until recently
      almost all of the imported stuff was SURPLUS, therefore dependent not
      on the market here, but of the market in the US. Not a surplus,
      doesn't get offered. this is why we'd get plenty of pumpkin pie mix in
      march through september but come holiday season you'd better have
      already bought it, and your roasting bags and (ack!) cranberry sauce.
      i've seen impromptu auctions for this stuff during the last days
      before thanksgiving and xmas.hah

      the surplus thing is also why so many DEFECTIVE products have been
      dumped on this place too. coffee caraffes that dribble, fans that have
      a funky support, the sort of thing that would get a company in the US
      sued into bankruptcy, so they ship them here where outragious
      lawsuits would screw us all in no time so they're not allowed. with
      the advent of PriceSmart and Hypermas, a lot of these problems have
      really been minimized when you can get to these places regularly. i
      know the difference between "before Hypermas" and "after Hypermas" for
      us, was like going from the real third world to a pretty decent second
      world lifestyle. until Hypermas, frozen vegetables were a REAL
      novelty, as well as frozn juice, decent breakfast cereals, and
      best of all - decent meat departments finally prevailed (you know, the
      ones that you CAN'T smell as soon as you hit the front door.)

      the guy who runs Hypermas approached us one day, recognizing us as
      regulars, and asked us how we liked it. we told the truth when we said
      it had made the quality of life in central san jose go up 200% almost
      overnight. reduced our shopping time by 2/3, raised the quality of our
      diet immensely, and thus saved us money in several areas.

      i've got numerous horror stories of the treatment we received from
      grocery store management before the competition arrived. yikes.
      employees pinching us on the butt while we shopped, cashiers refusing
      to serve us, telling us they'll take dollars for groceries, then we we
      get to the end of ringing up they tear the bill in half and give it
      back to us saying it's damaged.

      i haven't had to deal with ANY of that since Hypermas, PriceSmart,
      Automercado Multiplaza, among a couple of others, and the way they've
      truly driven the quality of the market up to a dignified and healthy
      level. when you put a suggestion inthe box, actual people actually
      read it and actually act on it because they actually understand
      capitalism and actually know the value of the customer.

      so there's my 2 cents!! i had skipped all the messages marked
      "marketing research" thinking it was something else altogether.


      ps - looking for a tour to go on, get certified in Scuba, charter a
      yacht, learn surfing, try The Edge Aventure Company. They cater to
      familes and singles, so are prepared with activities for the little
      ones and the big ones alike. http://www.edgetours.com they've been
      around for 20 years.

      also, if you want to find some live music to go out and enjoy,
      especially this guanacaste weekend, try the live music calendar on the
      previously listed site.

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