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52091My opinions on supermarkets

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  • marjorie642002
    Mar 1, 2007
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      I was at Hypermas in Heredia yesterday and reminded myself again to
      not return! I stood in the Caja line for 20 - 30 minutes as there
      were only 2 lines open - it's always this way - as the checker went
      back and forth over and over to get a credit card OK. The other line
      had 4 people with big baskets in it. In addition, they have less
      selection (but MORE of the item) than Mas/Menos which I think they
      are affiliated with. Many times the prices on the shelves are not
      honored unless they tell them that they are charging you too much.
      I've also had them overcharge me many times - you have to watch them
      ringing up every purchase. I don't like them and I think their prices
      are high. I think they count on the fact that most people don't pay
      any attention to whether or not they are given the prices advertised.

      I shop mostly at Mas/Menos in downtown Heredia. They are friendly,
      helpful, they almost never overcharge me or try to "play games" like
      Hypermas does. They almost always have the advertised things.
      Hypermas doesn't.

      AutoMercado has the best produce, in my opinion. Hypermas has decent
      produce but they are more expensive. (They wanted 780 colones for 5
      small tangerines - I paid 535 for 5 big tangerines at MasMenos.)
      AutoMercado has things I can't get in the other grocery stores and
      that's why I go there about once a month. I buy their produce, the
      special items I need, & they are courteous, helpful, the store is
      immaculate and I don't find them anymore expensive than Mas/Menos on
      almost all items. In fact, sometimes they're cheaper. Maybe the
      difference is that I live in Heredia as prices are a LOT higher in
      Escazu. So the statement that Automercado is 30-40% higher, makes
      absolutely no sense to me. Especially when compared against Hypermas.
      Again, it may be the area. Or the shopper didn't compare items -
      remember there are a lot of things you can only get at AutoMercado.