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50155Re: [CostaRicaLiving] Tooting in La Liga this am

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  • Skollen
    Jan 7 8:12 AM
      > In my family, "tooting" is a euphemism for, um
      > "breaking wind" which is another euphemism
      >for, well, you know.

      Yeah, there's that old kids' song about "beans,
      beans, the ________ (can't remember the
      adjective) fruit, the more you eat, the more you
      toot." Just to keep this focused on CR (sorry,
      Lair et al.), in Spanish that would be "pedear"
      or "tirar/echar pedos" or "puña, mae, porqué nos
      hiciste eso, carajo!" (puña is a euphemism, also,
      for like when you run out of "t" sounds).
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