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50081Chanel 7 Report on Crime

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  • Skollen
    Jan 5, 2007
      The study was sponsored by the United Nations Development Program and
      the gentleman said that there was an "abyss" between the perception
      of the probability of being a victim of crime and what the statistics
      say: that ticos think they are twice as likely to be the victim of
      non-violent crime than what is real and they think that they are nine
      times more likely to be the victim of violent crime than the real
      situation. He said that he thought that the perception is caused by
      overblown reporting techniques and the people's frustration over what
      they believe is the government's failure to do more to protect them.

      They went on to talk to the Minister of Security who said that talks
      are underway to set up a special tax to fund security forces, that
      they are currently recruiting and training 1,300 new police officers
      this year and that the goal is for 1,000 new officers every year
      (didn't say for how long, or at least I didn't catch it). He seemed
      to think that the issue of the new special tax would be resolved
      within the year (a grain of salt, anyone?).

      They compared the amount of money that private citizens had spent in
      two years on security to the Ministry's budget for one year and said
      that it came to something like 40% of the budget for one year, with
      the implication that people were willing to pay to feel safer.

      Ahi va mi granito de arena.
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