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49946Re: looking for a home near Puriscal

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  • macfotto
    Jan 1, 2007
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      (EDITED TO REMOVE "PIGGYBACKING". Poster, BEFORE you submit any future posts, please read the group guidelines that are posted on the website under "Files" for a definition of "piggybacking", how to avoid doing it, and why it is NOT PERMITTED on this list. There really IS a reason! Thank you.)

      Athena, thank you for the kind comments. Alison and I could not agree
      more with your feelings regarding Puriscal. We settled here three years
      ago, choosing the fresh climate and quick access to San José over
      other areas. There is a rural charm here, wide open spaces yet all of
      the services one could ever need. So far, there are only a couple of
      cramped in North American style developments. We, and many others, hope
      this tacky trend does not take over Puriscal.
      Regarding the Real Estate. With all of our experiences here, I believe
      there is an overuse of the idea of "trust". No matter where you are
      buying, or who you are working with you should not only be offered
      references, but you should follow through looking into them. Also, to
      avoid being caught in an overprice (above the real listing price), you
      should be able to sit down with the owner, and negotiate the price, with
      your agent at your side. If you do not speak Spanish, write the numbers
      down. Make sure you have a choice of which attorney you use, you can
      pick your own and we strongly reccomend you do. When you find a place
      you like, get a contract then and there so that no numbers get played
      with later.
      It is important to be on gaurd and watch out for incompetence, with
      realtors, builders, developers and all the other so called "experts".

      Our goal is always to help in the best possible way, for anyone looking
      into moving to this beautiful part of the country.

      To all of our friends, happy clients and long time supporters, we send
      our best wishes for a New Year filled with peace, happiness an

      Miguel, Alison, Salomé and Anais

      http://greenmangosa.com <http://greenmangosa.com>
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