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49937saliva test for honesty

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  • lesscranky
    Jan 1, 2007
      I agree that a licence does not guarantee honesty. I don't know
      whether having a licence influences honesty or not. I suspect not.

      I believe that knowledge of the local market is important -- who are
      the better construction companies, the honest people to deal with, the
      more efficient banks (for financing), the better furniture shops, etc.

      Is a licence from the USA or Canada or Lower Slobovia helpful?
      Probably not.

      A gut-test I sometimes use is to see several similar properties, then
      ask the real estate agent which one he or she recommends I buy. If
      it's the most expensive one, ask carefully for the reasons, and walk
      away at the first sign of obfuscation. If the reasons are solid, or if
      he/she recommends a lower-price unit, with solid reasons, then I take
      the first step down the long road ending in trust of this individual.
      Then I deal with him or her for ever.
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