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49916Re: looking for a home near Puriscal

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  • Athena
    Dec 31, 2006
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      Ahh, Puriscal. BEAUTIFUL and convenient location. I moved here from the
      beach area as well; pacific side. I've lived in different areas of Costa
      Rica over the last two plus years and Puriscal has been the first place that
      I actually felt "at home". Different strokes for different folks I guess.

      Anywho, there are several realtors in the area. If you do a internet search
      I'm sure you'll find most of them. Alison and Miguel are not just fantastic
      realtors but really good people in this area. I'm speaking from personal
      experience with them. They've helped me with EVERYTHING from finding a
      rental at "tico prices" to locating services that I've needed. I can't say
      enough about them. Their website is http://www.greenmangosa.com/ .

      Guy and Rosa with Real Estate Puriscal is another good resource. I haven't
      completed a sale with them yet but they have also been very nice people.
      They are at http://www.realestatepuriscalcr.com/ .

      Who's whole family is recovering from something yucky for the second time in
      two weeks. Dr. Sharon! Get your buns...and your sausage back here STAT.
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