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49723language learning vacation

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  • Jose Pelleya
    Dec 19, 2006
      Saw your post, and I had an idea that might work for you.

      I have a beach house, it´s near a lovely, small
      white sand Gulf beach, no big waves where your
      kids could get hurt, it´s in a rustic fishing
      village north of Puntarenas called Punta Morales.

      I can rent you the house for $1,500 per month,
      it´s 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, has a pool and
      basketball court, set in 1.5 acres with fruit
      trees, 1 kilometer from the beach, and has a fulltime caretaker.

      You could hire a teacher to go there for a month
      with you for less than $1,000, spend as much of
      each day, morning, afternoon, evening, whatever
      that you want, speak only Spanish. My neighbors
      have a few kids the same age as your daughters to
      play with, there´s bikes to ride, local fishermen
      to take you out for boat rides or fishing, lots of fresh fish and shrimp.

      If you´re interested, I´ll send you pictures.