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  • barrystevens2001
    Sep 5, 2006
      --- In CostaRicaLiving@yahoogroups.com, Fred Morgan <fmorgan@...>
      > ... being too good
      > can spell your demise as well. ... We as a specie are too good at
      what we do. We can
      > easily cause the extinction of other species THAT WE DEPEND ON.

      Yes - we have gotten very, very good. What happening here allows
      direct comparison (non-scientific) of both indigenous and "western
      medical" approach to handling problems. As the Bribri curandero
      himself says, "there's a time you can come see me for indigenous
      approaches, and a time when you should get yourself to the Clinic."

      Working with him and one of the people at the Hone Creek Clinic has
      been very interesting. Both the MD and the Pharmacist at the Clinic
      are now asking the folks who come there "what they're doing now",
      and "how would you normally handle that?", and "why aren't you doing
      that right now?" and they're listening and taking notes. And the
      curandero is listening, and taking notes as well. There's lots of two-
      way traffic over "the bridge".

      We're still trying to find an American MD working in Peru who just
      received a large award from the Ashoka Foundation for creating a
      treatment protocol that includes both indigenous and western medical
      techniques. Living in the jungle, he's been a little hard to find.
      Sure like to get a copy of that protocol.

      We have been looking for a retired MD who wants to get involved with
      this type of a study. So far, there's been a great response from the
      Clinic, and there are two EMTs on their way down here from Las Vegas
      who are also community college instructors.

      Barry Stevens
      Co-Founder, El Puente - The Bridge
      The Bridge provides educational assistance, food assistance, and
      microloans mainly to indigenous people in the southeastern part of
      Costa Rica. Our goal is to help people help themselves to self-
      See us at http://www.elpuente-thebridge.org
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