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  • alec kitson
    Sep 5, 2006
      The pointlessness of Les-wotsit's non-contribution in message 47123 re. calling Thor's long and thought provoking posting...

      "jejune \juh-JOON\, adjective:
      1. Lacking in nutritive value.
      2. Displaying or suggesting a lack of maturity; childish.
      3. Lacking interest or significance; dull; meager; dry".

      ...highlights the only real beef I've ever had with CRL. If someone posts something amusing or intelligent here either the thing gets shut down by a sub-moderator or, more frequently, some insecure character does this kind of thing.

      I would imagine musings on the Bri-Bri in CR and by extension indigenous people elsewhere in the country would rather relate to Costa Rica. No need to read it, of course, but certainly no need to try be 'cleverer than thou'. Especially when it doesn't work. Lubricity never was much of a substitute for brains.

      Thor, old pal, you and I see the world mostly through different lenses, but I enjoy tracking your input. I dunno which of the shades of meaning of 'jejeune' were aimed at your posting - lacking in maturity, childish, meager, dry, dull or whatever, but I found it, and and find you, none of these.

      Sharon, as ever, made the most sense to me in this discussion (she does on most everything, that's just the way it is) and it was interesting to see common ground explored as a few of you exchanged thoughts.

      With the low-rent exception.



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