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  • Thor
    Sep 3, 2006
      In my opinion the verb "romanticize" has connotations that are worthy
      of clarification when discussing "the noble savage". Often the term is
      used to trivialize the underlying issues. Sharon's response
      illustrated an understanding that empathizes with the position of many
      Indigenous, Environmentalists and Humanists without agreeing. Opens
      the door to dialogue and a critical step in conflict resolution.

      Links were provided as to issues in Costa Rica where these themes play
      a prominent role. They also are relevant to Barry's work with the Bri
      Bri as he struggles to find a balance between the logical position
      that Sharon espouses and the emotional issues I presented. My own
      stance on the matter is that life is a "fine balance" indeed.

      Whether the "gran poobah" would have agreed or not I doubt that he
      would have used ridicule to express his view. Thanks Lesscranky for
      the compliment on erudition but I can't take credit for mostly cut and
      paste. Thanks to you I have learnt a few new words "jejune" and
      "pedantry" and will google the authors you mentioned. I hope that I am
      not the only one who got something from the exchange.

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