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  • Sharon & Dick
    Sep 3, 2006
      Hey there Thor...interesting thoughts and references.

      Someone wrote that the word romantic has acquired so many meanings
      that it now can mean everything and nothing, so perhaps I left that too
      open to refutation by using the term. In your context, basically a
      literary one (which is valid considering the original meaning of the
      word as referring to translation of books into the vernacular...leading
      to the concept of a "romance" or a popular novel) romaticising is free
      of its negative implications. To me the main negative implication
      derives from the common belief that the Romantic movement was either a
      reaction to or a revolt against the ideals of the Age of Enlightenment.
      I'm voting for enlightenment, I suppose. I was using the word (upon
      reflection) in the context of its meaning of idealizing myths and the
      mythologizing of historic events. It wasn't just Thoreau and Baudelaire
      who fell into that school...German nationalism is also widely seen as
      derived from romantic thought. My personal fave is Blake ("The road of
      excess leads to the palace of wisdom."), but that's neither here nor there.

      I use the word myth in the sense of an unreal or imaginary story,
      sometimes employed to explain history. I realize that that definition
      is culled, and that there are other, higher-sounding, definitions, and
      that mythologizing is a popular occupation these days, but it still
      carries the meaning of untruth. So sure, idealizing or romanticising
      may have its uses. Politicians, demogogues, and spin docs have noticed
      this as well. Still, I suspect that "romanticising indigenous cultures"
      is more about untruth and selective perception than it is about a useful
      paradigm (in the sense of model) to apply for the supposed good of a

      We've never had a TV, and we have only 3 kids. I think it's birth
      control and economics:)

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