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  • John French
    Jul 21, 2006
      I can't remember seeing anyone, ever, in Costa Rica, paying a bill
      with a check. They use debit cards and cash. Utilities are either
      paid online from their bank account (as I do mine) or in the
      mercado/bank that accepts payments, again using debit cards or cash.

      Sending checks by mail in CR is iffy, probably not because of theft,
      but because of delay. I would expect that stores would get suspicious
      if you whip out a check in person.

      And finally, I got two savings accounts as a non-resident. It was
      easy. And I use my US bank to send checks in the US, although I have
      two checking accounts here now (one dollars, one colones), mainly
      because of my residency.

      Things are not as difficult as some claim here, at least not for me.
      I guess their experience is different.

      John French
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