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45312Re: Immigracion, or Suicide ? Questions for the well informed

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  • Sally O'Boyle
    Jul 2, 2006
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      We are in the process of applying for residency, though we are still torn
      about the whole thing. Our two main reasons for applying RIGHT NOW are 1) we
      don't want to be refused re-entry after a 3 day trip out, and 2) beat the
      8/12/06 increase in deposit (up to $180K for this family). Well now it looks
      like the 8/12 date is moot... am I reading that correctly? How likely is it
      that we might be refused re-entry? Totally confused on this issue now...
      We've only been here 5 months and gone back and forth on this. It's probably
      slightly cheaper to apply for residency: we'll actually save money on trips
      out of the country. On the other hand, I can think of other ways to use that
      $60K... Thanks!

      A Broad in Costa Rica <http://abroadincostarica.com/>
      Skype smostsally

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