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45303Stock broker if you live in CR

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  • Joquin Brant
    Jul 1, 2006
      Hands down, the winner is Fidelity. I've used them for 22 years, including 2 years down here. Get this: they have a TOLL FREE number you can call from any phone in Costa Rica. Plus they are always professional, polite, and rarely do you wait on hold. For a serious stock market investor, highly recommended.
      ALSO - if you have more than a certain threshold of assets with them, you get free INTERNATINOAL wires. Meaning you phone Fidelity, ask for money, it shows up here in your acocunt within 2 days. Before you leave the US, or when you go back, make yourself known at one particular Fidelity center, wherever you are. Explain your situation, have everyone know you, and get them set up as your main representative. That will help on the wires. You can also leave a standing wire order in their vault. That will also help. Once they know y our pattern, and you, they allow phone orders for wire transfers.

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