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  • John Smith
    Jun 11, 2006
      --- michael fealy <fealym2002@...> wrote:

      > medicines sent to me from the VA via JetBox without
      > any problems. I recieve these meds gratis and they
      > are necessary for my well being. However, my most

      A couple things come to mind:

      1. Shipping medicines, vitamins, etc. into this
      country can be a major problem. You can bring them in
      in person with your luggage without a problem, but
      shipping them can turn into a real big problem. Even
      for small amounts this can be a situation, and if they
      were really going through customs, they could ask you
      to get an "import license" from the health ministry,
      and they WON'T issue it. So, it is entirely possible
      that they aren't going through customs after all.

      2. This is due to a very NASTY experience I had with
      Jetbox about 7+ years ago. I was receiving audio
      tapes that were also free, and they came through
      without a problem for about 6 months, and THEN, Jetbox
      got the bright idea to hold the tapes for a month at a
      time, bundle them up, and then say that the larger
      amount had some outrageous import duty on it. I
      accepted the shipment but when the bill came, I
      refused to pay. When they had a royal fit, I had my
      lawyer call, and they reamed him a new one over the
      phone instead of being nice as I figured they would do
      with a lawyer.

      3. A friend of mine was working as an English teacher
      for an accountant with a major import/export company
      here, and they were doing a LOT of buisness with Jet

      I then told him to tell his friend about the above
      incident and a few others concerning my account that
      looked questionable, soooooo

      He sent some accountants over to go over their account
      with a fine tooth comb.

      To say that they found some irregularities with THEIR
      account would be to put it mildly.....

      Needless to say, they terminated their business with
      that company immediately.

      For small, pedestrian, occassional use, Jet Box seems
      to be a very reliable outfit. But, set yourself up to
      be ripped off, and they don't seem to hesitate doing

      I don't know if they work with corrupt Customs
      inspectors or what the story is, but the fact that you
      were able to get your meds "through customs" sounds
      very suspicious to me, knowing that customs generally
      bans all medicines and vitamins from coming in that
      way without special permission.

      I suspect that if you are dealing with a "customs
      inspector," then they are Jet Box's pet, and he may be
      putting them through the backdoor.

      The 22K colons would be your payoff to this "official"
      to get your meds.

      I bet if you have a lawyer or an accountant go down
      and demand the original paperwork for this bill, they
      will get the quick brush off with a snarl my lawyer

      Then you will smell the rotten fish too....


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