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432Change of address / Haymo H. Heyder

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  • Arco Iris Lodge
    Mar 31, 2000
      Dear Friends,
      due to reorganization, my e-mail and snail-mail addresses will change.

      A telephone contact will exist as of April 15th under (+506) 249-4217.

      No fax possibility as of now, but a further notice will let you know when
      and how faxes can be sent. Please do not despair if there is an answering
      machine on, just leave your message.

      In urgent cases I can be contacted via TicoPager (Spanish only!):
      Mensaje para "Arco Iris Monteverde" at (+506) 296-2626. I will try to call
      back ASAP.

      As of April 1st (no joke!) please use only the following e-mail address to
      contact me personally:

      haymoh@... <mailto:haymoh@...>

      Please also take note of the following mail addresses, which are valid as
      from April 15th onwards:

      Address for mail originating outside of Costa Rica:

      Haymo Henry Heyder
      SJO (#4965), 1601 NW 97th Ave
      P.O.Box 0255331
      MIAMI / FL 33102-55331

      Address for mail originating within Costa Rica:

      Haymo Henry Heyder
      Apartado (P.O.Box) 198-6100
      Ciudad Colon
      Costa Rica

      Best regards from Monteverde

      Yours cordialmente

      Haymo Henry Heyder
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