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4313COSTA RICAN Round Balls in CR

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  • olamoree@earthling.net
    May 1, 2001
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      Gee, certainly is great to have so many opinions and speculations as
      to the origins of the CR Stone Balls.

      These unique basalt stone formations are "round" to within a quarter
      of an inch in many cases, too accurate for Indian stone chipping
      hammers --thus no chippings located, yet. Consider: During the
      formation of the exposed land masses, CR in particular, magma,
      welling up from volcanic processes formed "chimneys" --great rounded
      irregular tubes leading to the surface, for the escape of gasses,
      lava, and other geological materials underlying the surface. Where
      water was introduced into these chimneys, by rivers probably, mud was
      formed, giving a certain density to these chimneys where large (and
      small) pieces of basalt percolated, pushed upwards by volcanic
      pressures and falling back down due to gravity. Within these mud
      chimneys, these rocks were abraded and chipped and smoothed against
      the walls of the chimneys as well as against other rock material.
      Eventually thru these chimneys volcanic pressures pushed material
      upward forming what we see as mountains today. Subsequently, the
      action of rains washed the sediment (mud) from these rocks, and among
      the countless rocks, SOME were discovered to be pretty round and
      found reverence and awe. Just as one may paw thru tons of
      uninteresting gravel to find a diamond! (Also formed in "chimneys!
      but where extremely hot gasses flowing thru them crystalized carbon.)

      As to the speculation of them having been formed in river bed
      pockets, any placer gold miner would testify that the pocket would
      very quickly be filled with lesser river gravel and any "rock
      turning" action would cease and the selected stone to be rounded
      would be either ejected from the pocket or trapped by sedimentation.

      Or were they brought by the space travellers?

      Moderator/es: Do we have enough opinions now to set up a Poll where
      we can vote and resolve this issue once and for all?

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