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  • Carol and Bill
    Apr 9, 2006
      (EDITED TO REMOVE "PIGGYBACKING". Please read the group guidelines that are posted on the website under "Files" for a definition of "piggyback" and why they are not permitted on this list. Thank you.)

      I am Bill Wunderle. My wife is the only authentic Suzuki piano teacher in C.R. She has around 60 students per week, & I keep many of their pianos' in tune, as well as our 2 grand. I use to be the dealer for Baldwin, Checkering & Wurlitzer, but when Gibson bought out Baldwin & wanted a financial statement from ME,who always paid cash in advance, you can imagine what I told the burecratic paper, nosy etc. people. As far as shipping your piano here, as long as it is crated property, expect no problems, & the duty is extremely low, like 7%.. Resale value here obviously is higher than in the states too. If I can be of further help. Let me know....Bill
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