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4096FW: [CostaRicaLiving] RACSA = Out to Lunch, serving Spam

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  • Nelson King
    Apr 2, 2001
      Yes "black holing" of ISP's who are notorious for allowing spam to be sent
      by their clients is done. However it should be noted with some states making
      spamming illegal, and with some US courts granting large settlements against
      spammers, more and more spammers are looking for international addresses to
      send their spam from..........also with the advent of high speed Internet
      service, some spammers are latching on to private computers, who do not use
      firewalls and using those computers send spam from and other illegal

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      Yes, RACSA is being blacklisted. The same happens
      with email sent from pty.com and psi.net.pa in Panama.

      Notice they only blacklist 3rd world ISPs, instead of
      yahoo.com and aol.com which are used to send even more

      Your Swiss friend is going to have to file a complaint
      with the Swiss PTT or the regulatory authority.