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40594Curmudgeons unanimous/Cascarabia unidos anyone?

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  • Thomas G. Stafford
    Feb 6, 2006
      Dear Robbie, et al,

      As the person who started this wonderful club, (and
      who for years as the only member) I would be overjoyed
      to be one of the charter members. I would do the
      chaufering work myself but I have to climb down from
      my mountain to get on the Internet and so would not be
      instantly available to help my fellow curmudgeons in
      their curmudgeonly pursuits. But please always
      remember and never forget (Remember who said that?)
      that we must struggle hard to keep out the riff raff,
      meaning those under 65. Younger wives or husbands
      accepted as Associate Curmudgeons, of course.

      As my first official contribution, I declare that all
      manner of Rap to be totally without merit and should
      be gazetted from any and every mode of communication
      but that Be Bop, Scat, and others of that genre,
      especially that issued by the incomparable Ella and
      others of her divine ilk, are fully acceptable as
      conveyances of Americology.

      Tom S. de Ranco Lobo (The Old Man of the Mountain)

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