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39052Where to live - was: Bank realtionships

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  • Paul Mitchell
    Jan 2, 2006
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      --- Ricardo Del Risco <rdelrisc@y...> wrote:
      > [snip] Can you share with me
      > where u going and why?

      Everybody will have different and varied reasons for
      where they will want to relocate to in CR, mine included,
      so I can give you some general ideas...

      I live in west central Florida where it is very hot during
      the summer and unpredictable in the winter. I'd like to
      escape that. Therefore, for me the Central Valley is the
      likeliest place to go. I don't want to be in the Greater
      Metro Area of SJ, though but I would prefer being some-
      where within easy reach of the city, say 30 to 45 minutes
      away at most. This will allow me to go there to transact
      business or for entertainment purposes. Or for medical

      Living not right in the GMA/SJ will also help to keep
      down expenses somewhat. I will be living on a fixed
      income, as do many expats, and costs are a consider-
      ation. The further away from the center one lives the
      less expensive things tend to be.

      Also the further away from the GMA one goes, the
      less concentrated the public transportation services
      become. As I will be relying on them to get around,
      and considering the other two aspects mentioned
      above (expenses and climate) where I eventually
      settle will depend upon a good balance of these
      several things, and various others.

      Thet means that one must explore a lot to see what
      appears to suit one. I have been visiting CR for many
      years so I have ideas for what will suit me from having
      nosed around the place so long. The oft offered advice
      to rent first will allow a person to move around until he
      or she finds an area they like.

      If you buy impulsively then you may soon come to find that
      you are in an area that you don't really care for. Be patient
      and explore calmly, taking your sweet time, and you won't
      get stuck with something you may later regret. CR is defi-
      nitely a buyer's, not a seller's market.

      It is up to each potential expat to do ample exploring for
      him/herself, as each person is the only one who knows
      what he or she really wants.

      Sorry if this reply is more nebulous than you had hoped,
      but it should provide a framework for you to base your own
      explorations upon, depending upon what is important to

      You may write to me off-board if you have further QQs...


      Paul M.
      [ in once again temperate Tampa finally for a few days ]
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