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39041Re: RAINGEAR - I LOVE Crocs!!!

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  • vallarta_vicki
    Jan 1, 2006
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      My FAV shoes for sun, rain, rocky/uneven streets, going in the water,
      mud, wading through puddles, on boats, etc. (you know - familiar
      situations that can be found throughout CR!!) can be found at

      Even yesterday when I was walking on those waffle squares in front of
      Scotia Bank in Escazu or on cobblestone or uneven/hole ridden
      sidewalks/streets - my feet feel like they're actually hugging the
      surface & my previously weak ankles feel STRONG & secure & I haven't
      had one sprained ankle since wearing these!!

      I can slosh through puddles in the rain or mud & just rinse them off -
      no worry of ruining my shoes!!

      They're great for boaters & I know of many hospitals in Florida that
      were allowing nurses to wear them & they're even catching on with
      waiters since they're soooo good for you!!

      I've stood for 7+ hours at trade shows with NO hip/feet pain (which is
      amazing since I sit in front of a computer for 10-15+ hours a day for
      12+ years now!!)!

      When I go to the rocky beaches (or in the waters at Tabacon) - I can
      walk with ease on the beach or in the water with NO pain AND they even

      I don't think they even weigh an ounce (or there abouts - especially
      dependig on your size)!!

      I've given my domesticas & some friends that work on their feet a lot
      a pair & they've ALL been VERY grateful!!

      They're not the most stylin' shoe looks wise but they come in a BUNCH
      of colors (my favorite is the purple!! I just looked on their site &
      notice they have a BUNCH more styles!!) so they're FUN!!

      FYI - if you order them - note - I get a size smaller (I normally wear
      6-6 1/2 but with Crocs I take XSmall) as I've found them to run a bit
      big. The cool thing is you can put them in the oven at 100 for 5 or
      so minutes, put a THICK sock on your foot & put them on & they will
      form to YOUR foot shape (GREAT for people with different formed feet,
      bunions, etc.).

      To me Crocs are one of the most perfect shoes for those visiting or
      living in CR!!!

      (if someone decided to invest/bring them to CR I'd seriously
      considering reping them as I think they're THE BEST shoes I've EVER
      found & wear Crocs 98% of the time I wear shoes!!! Based on my
      experience/feel with both - they make Burkenstocks seem like
      dinasors/painful. To me these shoes are perfect!! FYI - I already
      have a well established biz TOTALLY unrelated to Crocs - so that's not
      my intention for posting this info!!)
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