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    Jan 1, 2006
      "WHat is the connection between being from Seattle and being environmentally

      Heh I thought Seattle's reputation for draconian environmentally-related
      laws was better known, perhaps it's only a legend in the Pacific Northwest.
      Recycling is legally mandated in Seattle, it's actually illegal to put
      recyclables in the garbage and you can be fined. They also only pick up a
      very small amount of non-recycling garbage as part of regular garbage
      service and the rates for anything additional above that are very steep. As
      a result most people in Seattle have the extensive guide of what can and can
      not be recycled taped to their fridge or pinned on their wall somewhere, and
      can get a little obsessive/fantatical about following it. I have even seen
      people at parties picking carelessly tossed cans or bottles out of the
      garbage cans in other people's homes and rinsing them off and starting a
      little recyclables pile for them. The social sin of not recycling is
      apparently considered worse to Seattlelites than the social sin of rummaging
      through your hosts' garbage! :)

      It's hard to live in that kind of environment most of your life and then
      just switch to throwing things in the trash. Plus our household goes
      through a lot of cans and plastic bottles every day which take up a lot of
      volume and cause us to generate what seems to me like an unreasonable number
      of bags of garbage in a week (almost one per day). So I was hoping there
      was someone in San Jose who would pick those up (ideal) or maybe a place we
      could drop them off (really not preferred). If there is some sort of
      recycling pick up / drop off in San Jose I'd love to know how we get set up
      with that and what sort of things can be recycled. We live in the Sabana
      Sur neighborhood if that's relevant. Pop cans and plastic bottles are the 2
      things we have the most of.


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