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39013Re: [CostaRicaLiving] Re: Recycling --how about "forced" recycling?

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  • Rice Martin
    Jan 1, 2006
      Yes, the garbage situation here in CR can really be a problem, and
      the bigger the problem gets, the more the environment suffers. Where
      we live, there is no garbage collection at all. (I don't mean
      Puriscal, I mean where our farm is). So we've worked out a system
      that works fairly well.

      First, we have three large plastic bins with tops that lock on
      tightly. They're labeled Metal, Plastic, and Glass. They get loaded
      to the top about 4 times a year. Whenever they're full, we take them
      to a recycling center in Escazu.

      Garbage, that is vegetable and fruit garbage, goes into our big
      compost pile every day, which in turn, of course, gets used in our

      Other house waste, things like food packaging (with exceptions), food
      scraps that we don't put into the compost such as bones, meat, fat,
      etc., other pieces of various kinds of paper, and so on, get burned
      in a burn barrel every couple of days.

      Then there's the stuff that can't be recycled and which is horribly
      polluting when burned, such as styrofoam, plastic and metal of all
      kinds (that can't be recycled), broken glass, light bulbs, batteries
      (ugh), etc. This we bury. We've dug a big hole, one and a half meters
      square and three and a half meters deep out of sight of the house, of
      course, and in an area we and the horses don't use. All this none
      recyclable stuff gets buried there. We haven't filled it up yet in a
      year and a half. When we do, we'll dig another hole.

      We really attend to this religiously and hope it helps a tiny little
      bit in the big picture and in the smaller picture of Costa Rica.

      Martin Rice
      Santiago de Puriscal, Costa Rica
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